Cure your Acne Breakouts with Antibiotics

Many people will find it rather helpful to use antibiotics for acne treatment, because acne commonly results from the increased amount of bacteria. There is a number of options that could be appropriate for you, depending on what are the causes of your acne eruptions and what treatment your doctor finds the most suitable to cope with your problem. If you are suffering from pimples, it is necessary to consult a medical professional so that he could help you with the choice of the right treatment such as antibiotics. If you have acne, your physician will probably be able to help you or will direct you to a dermatologist, if he thinks that it is necessary.

The antibiotics that are prescribed to acne sufferers are sold in the form of both oral and local drugs. They proved to show approximately the same results. Both local and oral antibiotics are prescription medicines. The choice of dosage form of an antibiotic depends on the nature of the problem. Patients with considerable affections of the skin will probably not manage to cure their acne using topical remedies. In severe instances it will be more beneficial to resort to oral medications. Some of the oral treatment options against acne include erythromycin or tetracycline. These antibiotics are the most prevalent oral treatments for acne control. Most of these drugs can help you to kill the bacteria that cause irritation and infection. Unluckily, use of exclusively antibiotic treatment can not guarantee complete recovery from acne.

However, for some people topical treatments can become preferable, as they don’t trigger serious side effects that could be probably caused by oral antibiotics. Such side effects can include problems with stomach and bowels or even complications caused by different drugs that you might be taking. The most prevalent forms of antibiotics relating to topical medicines for acne eruptions include clindamycin, erythromycin, and tetracycline.

Similarly to numerous treatments that are prescribed in order to cure acne, antibiotic therapy is limited to eliminating the symptoms of the problem but not its fundamental cause. Antibiotics can alleviate the symptoms of acne but they can show much better results if they are combined with other treatment programs that are aimed at the elimination of the initial causes of acne.

The choice of remedy often depends on the reason why the sebaceous glands are producing so much oil that clogs the pores. As a result acne bacteria attack your skin making it necessary to turn to antibiotics.

The attempts to find the initial causes of acne unavoidably reveal the connection between acne pimples and hormones. Almost all types of acne eruptions are most often caused by hormonal fluctuations that start up a bunch of reactions eventually resulting in acne onset. Therefore, you should first determine what exactly is causing the hormone imbalance in your body and only then you will be able to heal your acne.

After you have revealed the key cause of your acne, which may be related to anxiety, foot habits, troubles with digestion, unbalanced nutrition or whatever else, you will be able to choose an appropriate treatment for your condition. That is why it is generally necessary to find out the original reason and then turn to a multimodality treatment.